This coming Sunday worship will be held at Fellowship Hall

   We are in a week of Lottie Moon Christmas World Mission.
I have just receiced handmade Christmas card from Tsukuba Baptist Church children.
Many churches in Japan are praying for IJCS especially this week.
  We will observe Advent from Dec.1.  IJCS will have this coming week worship service  at Fellowship Hall on 1st floor.  
 Hope to see you!  We will have Lord's Supper and December Birthday Blessing.


IJC Christmas Events

IJCS presents Christmas events as below:

CCIS Christmas Performance    December 21 Sat.  7:00 pm-7:30pm
       in front of Wisma Atria@Orchard
       Children and Adult choir sing Christmas songs in Japanese costume.

Christmas Servie   December 22  Sun.  4:00pm-6:00p.m.
      @ Kay Poh Road Baptist Church  2nd floor  Sanctuary
      Church choir, Children's Christmas pagent, Christmas mime, Christmas message
      baptism service.

Christmas Day Service  December 25  Wed.  4:00pm-5:00pm
     @Kay Poh Road Baptist Church 2nd floor Sanctuary
     Church choir, Christmas mine, Christmas message

English interpretation will be provided.
Light refreshments  will be follow after the service.

Anyone is welcome.  Please invite your friends and join us.



IJCS Family Camp

We had a great time at Pulai Springs Resort at Johor, Malaysia from Nov 2 and 3rd.
The family camp this year theme was " Together We pray!"
We enjoyed fellowship, very delicious meals!!  good seminar about prayer,  games and swimming !   
God is great and we are special ! 
Each one of us is very special. 

IJCS  presents Christmas events as below:

1.Christmas CCIS performance   21st Dec. 2013 (Sat)  7:00 pm-7:30pm
    At Wisma Atria @Orchard
2.Christmas Worship Service       22nd Dec. 2013 (Sun)  4:00pm-6:00pm
     Choir, Maim, Children's Christmas pagent, Christmas message
3. Christmas Day Worship           25th Dec  2013 (Wed)  4:00pm-5:00pm
    Choir, Maim, Christmas message

Fellowship will be followed after both service.

Please invite your Japanese friends and all international friends.
English interpretation will be provided.   We will praise both Japanese and English.


Let us join the choir of IJCS

IJCS is now prepareing for Christmas.
We would like to have Christmas Choir members.
We have just started practicing.
We do not mind either church member or not.
If you are interested in joining IJCS choir for Christmas, please contact to Rev.Yorie Ito.   yorieito@gmail.com

We will sing at CCIS orchard Christmas on Dec.21 Saturday 7:00-7:30
At Christmas Worship on Decenber 22, Sunday 4:00p.m.-6:00p.m.
At Christmad Day Worship on December 25, Wednesday 4:00-5:00 p.m.