IJCS 18th Anniversary !

IJCS started by one faithful Singaporean lady's prayer.
During the Japanese occupation of Singapore (1942-1945),  the school she founded was confiscated by Japanese Army and her father was killed by Japanese.
She was struggled with hatred toward Japanese.  But she finally could forgive Japanese and ask his son who became a pastor and later became Exective Director of Singapore Baptist Conventeion, to ask Japanese Baptist to send Japanese missionaries for Japanese in Singapore.
With strong request of Singapore Baptist Convention, Japan Baptist Conventon decided to send the first missionaries to Singapore,  Rev.Toru and Mrs. Kimiko Kato.
They started the first worship service at the missionary housing on July 28th, 1996.
IJCS was named on that day, from September of this year, IJCS moved to Luthern Church then Kay Poh Road Baptist Church.  We have been worshiping at Kay Poh Road Baptist Church for 15 years.
Today, we have many Singaporean congregation and people from different nationalities. Childrens are growing at church.
We give thanks to the Lord and repent ourselves then have made our committement to move forward.


IJCS 18th Anniversary coming next Sunday!

IJCS is going to celebrate 18th Anniversary this coming Sunday (27 July).
We will have a guest speaker for children's messaga and testimony.
Ms.Kazuko Jinbo who started Poplar Library and Children's message at IJCS
came from Tokyo this morning.
                                  Ms.Jinbo shared Children's story telling and
traditional Japanese Children's songs at Poplar Library today.
 Children and mothers were fascinated to hear Ms.Jinbo's story telling.

                     Photo with Poplar Library staff members and their children.

                     Everyone is welcome to celebrate IJCS 18th Anniversary together!


Night de Light Gospel Concert

Night de Light Gospel band came from Sapporo,
Hokkaido and brought Singapore high spirit, courage
and hope through Gospel music. 
                                 July 11th @ Covenant Evangelical Free Church
                                         July 12th @ St.Georege Church
                                  They sang theme song of professional football
                            team of Sapporo  as their final song which they wrote.


Night de Light Concert coming July 11th and 12th !

Night de Light official site

You can see many youtube site on official web.


IJCS New Happi (Happy?) Jacket

IJCS has made original Happi Jacket.
We use at Christmas Orchard performance and
other occasions.
We may use for the choir performande at
IJCS 18th anniversary on July 27th.