Last worship service of the year 2014

                         Mr.D confessed his faith and was baptized on 22 Dec.

                               IJCS children's chiristmas  pageant on 22 Dec.

                               IJCS  kids sang Christmas carols in both Japanese and
                               English. They sang so well.

                                    Group photos after Christmas Day worship.
                                     We will have the last worship of the year 2014
                                      tomorrow on 28  Dec.
                                      Everyone is welcome.


Christmas Day worship on 25th

IJCS will have Christmas Day worship on 25th.

                                IJCS choir is going to present Christmas  Cantata
                                    with contemporary arragement in Englich
                                                      with Japanese subtitle.

                                    Kid's choir will also sing Christmas carols
                                            both Japanese and English

                                    Christmas short message will be provided by
                                    Rev. Yorie Ito  with simultaneous English

                                   You can bring your Japanese friend with you.
                                         Fell free to visit us this special day.

                                             You are more than welcome!


Christmas Service on 22nd, Christmas Day service on 25th

We are preparing for Christmas Worship on 22nd and Christmad Day worship on 25th.
Both from 4:00 pm.

Both Children and Adults are preparing to welcome you.
We have a simultaneous  interpretaion service from Japanese to English.

            We are receiving many Christmas cards from Japan and other Asian countries.
             We really need to seek for peace in our mind and on earth.
                                                   Everyone is welcome.
                                 May the peace be on you this Christmas season.


Advent worship 2014

 We started to have Advent worship service from last Sunday.
Children put the candle on each Sunday during the advent weeks and read the scripture.
Today, we hear the Scripture from Micah 5:5, " And he will be their peace."
and the children and the family put the light on Candle of  "Peace".
IJCS congregation with differnt nationalities are celebrating this special weeks.

You are always welcome to visit IJCS.