IJCS Christmas Worship

IJCS has just celebrated our Christmas worship today on 13 December.
We keep having Christmas blessing as below.
We welcome you any time.
You may enjoy our Japanese and international atmosphere.
You can bring your Japanese friends.
19th Dec.(Sat.) 7:00pm at Orchard Wisma Atria outside stage @ Orchard road
20th  Dec.(Sun.) 4:00 pm at Kay Poh Road Church 2F sanctuary
Christmas baptism and choir, message
25th Dec.(Fri.) 4:00 pm at Church Sanctuary
Christmas Day worship


First Advent and preparation for Christmas Service

                            The first Advent Candle lighted on. "Light of Hope"

Christmas Pageant and Choir reheasal.
Christmas worship will be on 13 December, 4:00 pm.


IJCS Single Adult BBQ

We enjoyed having BBQ with 25 young adults here
in Singapore.  Participants are from differnt
Good to start new relationship with each of them!


Christmas Shining with Hope

Let us celebrate Christmas together
English interpretation will be provided
13 December 4:00 pm  Chrismas Worship
Choir, Children's Christmas pagent, Christmas message
25 December 4:00 pm Christmas Day Worship
Let us sing Christmas Carols together

                                                 IJCS Christmas Events

                                   Christmas Worship 13 December (Sun.) 4:00 pm
                             Choir, Children's Christmas pagent, Christmas message

                                Christmas Day Worship 25 December (Fri.) 4:00 pm
                                              Let us sing Christmas carols together

                       Christmas Performance @ Orchard  19 December(Sat.) 7:00 pm
                                    Outdoor stage in front of Wisma&Takashimaya
                                     Children and Adults choir in Japanese costume



Welcome Rev.Toru Kato and Mrs.Kimiko Kato to IJCS

IJCS welcomed its first pastor and his wife,
Rev.Kato and Mrs.Kato. We had welcome BBQ.
                                        Rev.Kato  smiles to look at kids

We all enjoyed BBQ fellowship


                          Rev.Kato delivered the message on Sunday worship
                                             Mrs.Kato shared her greetings

                                          We worshipped together with joy


Combined worship service with Word of Life Korean Church

Word of Life Korean Church and IJCS, both are in Singapore,
have combined worship service on 16 August.
15 August is Korean Independent Day and Japanese Surrender Day.
We both remember peace on this world and being peace makers with the Lord.
   Korean Choir was so beautiful !  They sang in Korean language but the songs really touched our hearts.
   We greet each other "Konnichiwa".  We had double attendance with Korean Church.

              Pastor Oh and Pastor Ito, and congregation praised our Lord together.
          Many Korean students attended this worship service.  It is good to have these young generations to take new parts of reconciliation between two countries.
 Pastor Oh's massage was based on his experience.  He and young members of his previous church in Korea visited and helped Tohoku, only one month after East Japan Disaster. He showed some slides too.  We are so impressed with his humble message to serve Japanese people and shared the word of God.
 Fellowship after the worship service. We prepared "Norimaki" sushi but they were gone soon.  We look forward to have these combined worship and fellwship next time.


IJCS 19th Anniversary

                                    IJCS celebrated its 19th Anniversary today.
                                    IJCS started its worship on 28 July, 1996                                  
                                    Now we have international fellowship
                                    using Japanese as main language but have
                                    English simultaneous interpretation.

                                We missed almost 20 who attended the worship
                                 in this photo.
                                   Celebrate 19th Birthday with birthday cakes.
                                   We had many cakes today!


International Fellowship after IJCS worship service

After IJCS worship service, we often enjoy fellowship like this at Hawker Center near the church. Some of them found IJCS through this website.  Their nationalities are Malaysian, Indonesian, Singaporean and Japanese.  Any nationality, age, or gender is welcome at IJCS.  You can meet Japanese friends and try to use Japanese here.
You can have bilingual worship experience and enjoy multi culture and multi language fellowship at IJCS.

We look forward seeing you at IJCS worship service.


Children Day Camp

                                    IJCS had Children Day Camp.
                                    We sing songs,

listening to the stories from the Bible,
Making sandwiches and Onigiri- rice ball,

                                  And having so much fun at the swiming pool!

                                  IJCS welcome all children and adults from any

                                   Farewell BBQ of R and A.
                                   R has been serving IJCS for long time with his late wife.
                                   He and his daughter will go back to the States.

                                       We often enjoyed BBQ together.

                                    We enjoyed the fellowship very much.

                                  We miss you, and pray for your new adventure!

                                 Easter Worship: Peace greeting. Happy Easter!

Guest Speaker, Rev.Yuichiro Nakano.
Very powerful and joyful message. Enjoy hearing his message.

                                          After Easter worship, group Photo!

                                     Easter fellowship at Fellowship Hall.
                                    We enjoyed Easter cakes and refreshment.
                                       Japanese international congregation.


Easter Special Meetings are coming this weekend!!

Easter Special Events are coming this weekend!!
Plese do not miss this life chaging experience.
3 April (Good Friday) 3:00 -5:00pm
4 April (Saturday) 2:00-4:00 pm
5 April (Easter Sunday) 4:00-6:00pm


Easter Special

Rev.Nakano is very popular Japanese speaker.  His message is very interesting and easy to understand by anyone.
You can invite your Japanese friends or family members who have never been to the church.
English translation will be provided.

²  Friday 3rd April, 3pm: Message “Here is the formula to better human relationships”  by Rev. Nakano and Gospel Hula by Sis. Meiko.
Saturday 4th April, 2pm at the fellowship hall: “Key to better human relationships @family, workplace. etc”  message by Rev. and Mrs.Nakano,   followed by a Q&A session
       Sunday 5th April, 4pm: Easter Worship Service-performance by choir, message by Rev. Nakano titled “Overwhelming Victory in Life”. 


Easter Special meetings

1. Good Friday Special    Gospel message "Here's the Hope of Victory!"
     3 April  3:00-5:00 pm  
     Kay Poh Road Baptist Church Sanctuary (2F)
     Gospel Fula: presented by Meiko Nakano
2. How to have better Family Relations.
    4 April  2:00-4:00pm 
    Kay Poh Road Baptist Church Fellowship Hall (1F)

3. Easter Worship Service
    5 April  4:00-6:00pm
    Choir, Chilren's message and Rev.Nakano's Easter message

Simultaneous interpretation service (Japanese to English) will be provided for each meeting.

Children's program will be provided along with 3rd April and 5th April programs.

You are all welcome!

For more information please contact : 81338092  or ijcs.church@gmail.com


Poplar Library

Every 2nd and 4th friday, Poplar Library is open to children
and mothers who speak Japanese.
Poplar library holds nearly 2000 Japanese children's story books.
Every time, Poplar Library staff prepares story telling time from 4:00pm-4:30pm.
We emphasize the seasons and Japanese traditional events each time.
For more information see website (sorry in Japanese only)


New Year BBQ

We enjoyed IJCS 2015 first BBQ
on 3 January.
This BBQ included Rev.Han family's farewell.
They will return to Korea and then have a desire
to move to Japan to share Gospel in Japan.
They served IJCS so humbly the past 10 years. 
                  Sis.L is a seminary student from China.  IJCS kids love her.
                           This BBQ represents many different nationalities.

                         Kids enjoyed swimming though the swimming pool
                             in Japan was frozen at the beginning of January.

                          We plan to have BBQ occasionally the year of 2015.
                              You are welcome to join this international BBQ!