Welcome Rev.Toru Kato and Mrs.Kimiko Kato to IJCS

IJCS welcomed its first pastor and his wife,
Rev.Kato and Mrs.Kato. We had welcome BBQ.
                                        Rev.Kato  smiles to look at kids

We all enjoyed BBQ fellowship


                          Rev.Kato delivered the message on Sunday worship
                                             Mrs.Kato shared her greetings

                                          We worshipped together with joy


Combined worship service with Word of Life Korean Church

Word of Life Korean Church and IJCS, both are in Singapore,
have combined worship service on 16 August.
15 August is Korean Independent Day and Japanese Surrender Day.
We both remember peace on this world and being peace makers with the Lord.
   Korean Choir was so beautiful !  They sang in Korean language but the songs really touched our hearts.
   We greet each other "Konnichiwa".  We had double attendance with Korean Church.

              Pastor Oh and Pastor Ito, and congregation praised our Lord together.
          Many Korean students attended this worship service.  It is good to have these young generations to take new parts of reconciliation between two countries.
 Pastor Oh's massage was based on his experience.  He and young members of his previous church in Korea visited and helped Tohoku, only one month after East Japan Disaster. He showed some slides too.  We are so impressed with his humble message to serve Japanese people and shared the word of God.
 Fellowship after the worship service. We prepared "Norimaki" sushi but they were gone soon.  We look forward to have these combined worship and fellwship next time.